You end up real disappointed when you go through life thinking people have the same heart as you.

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Anonymous: so I saw u post that u had PE I was just wondering cause like I'm pretty sure I have it and I'm really scared to ask my doctor. I'm pretty insure about it but did u get it fixed or ever thought about getting a procedure done?? 

Don’t ever be scared to consult your doctor! If you even have the slightest concern I would definitely go and find some answers, PE is serious and sometimes dangerous. Also, don’t be insecure! It’s honestly such a beautiful and unique feature that you should embrace. As to my PE, I had problems with it growing up dealing with internal and insecurity. However, now that I’m older I haven’t had any serious medical problems and have learned to love my body, with every bend and curve! So no, I haven’t gotten the surgery or really thought about getting it. I hope I answered your question! I would love to hear more about your story so feel free to come off anon :)